About HNP

About HNP

“Get Smart, Get Hot”

Hot New Properties is a licensed real estate agency and the most detailed, easy and cost effective online initiative, dedicated to and specializing only in brand new properties across Australia. Our primary goal is to create the largest, most extensive and detailed online network of property developers and customers interested in new developments across Australia. The network will save customers time, money and increase confidence to understand new developments while reducing our developers marketing budgets and initiating a quick turnover of sales.

HNP’s story began when one of our directors like any one of us set out to purchase a unit, unresolved whether he would rent it out or occupy it himself.

Being a young, sociable individual meant having a serious predicament, I felt the need to be close to the CBD so that getting to work on weekdays and social gatherings on weekends was expedient, but systematically I also needed to ensure the finances stacked up. My criteria for a property was either something I could stay in or rent out, dependant on my evolving state of affairs, without risking high repayments under any circumstance. With escalating prices, I thought I struck gold when I worked out that I could reduce my cost by upto $ 40,000  - 45,000 on a $450, 000 – $500,000  property as long as it was a new development and I lived in it for 6- 12 months. As an investment later, I could fetch the maximum depreciation and increase my tax benefits.

The argument was so compelling that I started to frantically research new properties around the city however I was surprised that despite new developments coming up everywhere only a few companies listed these developments. No one including the developers provided enough information and in some cases didn’t bother to respond to queries. I researched if there was any business that could help me in identifying all key criteria I needed to consider to buy a new property without the hefty price tag. Ideally, I wouldn’t need to use any calculators to work out my financials, explore the area and transport, amenities, rental returns or even visit every new property; only to find out there is nothing really there to see except models and projections of design which could very well be displayed online. If only I could jump online look at all the new developments in a certain area, research the developers, look specifically for stainless steel appliances, high rises, whatever I want, and have everything detailed for me, it would make my search so much easier. The idea for HNP was conceived.”

As you navigate through our website you will observe that we have covered all the key areas a potential buyer would look at, to obtain a property. Our aim was to develop a site where the customer has most of the basic questions answered with little left to investigate and make a final decision or visit the premises to close the deal. You will experience the attention to detail first hand once you REGISTER and browse through our developments. From a seasoned investor to a first timer, the features and benefits in the website deliver a world-class experience with no expenses spared on the development of our portal.

An interesting fact about HNP is that we never intended to conduct business like any other real estate business; no agency, no developer or online real estate portal. Our uniqueness is built into our core philosophy of providing absolute value where ever possible to our customers, developers and our varied business associates. If we successfully deliver value, we will automatically grow and so we aim to keep our costs low, provide more information than is available from any other centralized source, take away any risk to you and to top it all make the transactions cheaper overall. We don’t believe in WIN-WIN, we believe in WIN-WIN-WIN.

HNP will suit customers looking for a brand new property to buy or rent. The portal has community tools which will assist in collaborative information gathering from information sources, evaluating developers, conduct area analysis, ascertain their financial suitability to each project. Infact we can arguably  say that this will be the most detailed website for new developments in the world once we are done with our phased website development and intense data warehousing activities.

We envisage that HNP will become a household name in Australia, referred to family and friends for searching new developments across Australia, needless to say, free of charge and that is the HNP difference. Join our mailing lists, Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay ahead of the competition.

We thrive on feedback so feel free to drop us a line or any suggestions you may have regarding the portal.

Understand the HNP business model and unique value propositions especially if its your first visit to our site.
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10 Jul, 2013
A big thank you !
This is a fantastic venture ! I was reading HNP's description and found our own experience resonating with the Director's... We've been on the market for a few months now and always seem to be two steps behind when it came to locating any new developments in the areas we were keen on. We thought we were lucky if we drove past and found new developments in the area. This is certainly going to be a saving grace for many out there (including us) and HNP will be the one making it happen for them !
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